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We are raising funds through GitCoin Grants Round 20

Donate here Every little bit helps us as your donation scales quadratically with the matching pool.

How does your project significantly contribute to the Ethereum network’s infrastructure, addressing foundational needs and innovative solutions to current challenges?

As Vitalik says in places like https://vitalik.eth.limo/general/2023/03/31/zkmulticlient.html we need more clients! A motoko evm is the first step along the road for for us to have both a motoko based execution client and a consensus client. More about why this is important in the elevation section below.

How does your project promise to elevate the Ethereum ecosystem, particularly in enhancing privacy, interoperability, and/or user experience?

The unique thing about a motoko execution and consensus client is that it can run in an trustless manner on the Internet Computer and (soon) AO ecosystem. This enables smart contracts and daos to operate their own nodes in the cloud controlled completely by smart contracts. Not private keys to be lost or founders to run away with the treasury. This tech relies on threshold ecdsa cryptography developed by DFINITY.

Anything else you'd like to share about your project, previous work, or other project affiliations? Anything you'd like to add that may help in determining project eligibility?

We've been helping build the Internet Computer ecosystem for over three years. We've been waiting for an evm for almost that much time. We believe that a motoko evm will be the easiest evm to fork and run with for our ecosystem and we're excited for the technical challenge.
The added bonus of bringing an evm that can run in a ao(arweave) messaging environment is a stretch goal for our project, but one we may get 'for free' by building on the IC.

Check out the code so far at github. We are just getting started and would love your contribution in funds or in code.