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Austin Fatheree, November 23 2021

Create a CBOR developer plugin - #5

Current Status: Awarded

  • Discussion (11/21/2021)
  • Ratification (11/22/2021)
  • Open for application (11/23/2021)
  • Assigned (11/23/2021) <- We are here
  • In Review
  • Closed (5/28/2021)

Issue Link - Discussion Forum

Bounty Details

  • Current Bounty Amount: 10 ICP
  • ICDevs.org Match Available: 10 ICP - (For every ICP sent to 66083bb3c940c7de2a70aa127ec771da75d60deadc10f5f66b280f203d8f6e73, ICDevs.org will add one more ICP to the bounty, up to 10 ICP, After 10 ICP, Donations to the above address will add .25 ICP to this issue and .75 ICP to fund other ICDevs.org initiatives)
  • Time Left: Expires 12/31/2022
  • Project Type: Single Contributor
  • Opened: 11/23/2021
  • Time Commitment: Days
  • Project Type: Traditional
  • Experience Type: Intermediate - Web Dev
  • Issue Type: Application Development


This bounty gives the opportunity to

  • learn how chrome plugins work
  • learn how CBOR encoding works
  • learn how Candid encodings work
  • learn how the Internet Computer communicates with other applications

The developer will need to create a plug-in for Google Chrome in the style of react developer tools. This plug in should detect when CBOR has been sent or recieved from a server and be able to display that CBOR content in a more readable format. The user should be able to switch between a candid view/motoko data view/rust data view/json view. This will allow the user to copy and paste the data easily in to test harneses if they need to.

To apply for this bounty you should:

Github user jorgenbuilder applied for this bounty.

Selection Process

Github user jorgenbuilder was selected for this bounty.

Bounty Completion

Bounty result code: https://github.com/jorgenbuilder/chrome-dfinity-decoder

Chrome Store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/dfinity-decoder/meaadkenfkhjakkkdapaallimhbdofck


The bounty was generously funded by the community. If you would like to turbocharge this bounty you can seed additional donations of ICP to 66083bb3c940c7de2a70aa127ec771da75d60deadc10f5f66b280f203d8f6e73. ICDevs will match the bounty 1:1 for the first 10 ICP and then 0.25:1 after that. All donations will be tax deductible for US Citizens and Corporations. If you send a donation and need a donation receipt, please email the hash of your donation transaction, physical address, and name to [email protected]. More information about how you can contribute can be found at our donations page.


This bounty was paid to jorgenbuilder on 1/18/2022

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