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🏗 “Builders Too Busy to Pay Attention to Your Allow-List But Will Support You When its Time” DAO

ICDevs.org has commissioned a DAO to help community developers gain recognition for their work building up the Internet Computer ecosystem.

The DAO can be found here.

Find out more at the dev forum.

This is a Simple DAO. It lets developers record their principal in a central place where other project owners can find them and send them drops, bonuses, and other assets the may be good for testing and/or launching new efforts on the network.

Only other developers can add you to the list. Reach out to admin @ icdevs.org or https://twitter.com/icdevs_org if you would like to be considered to be added to the list. You need to provide:

  1. Enough evidence of developing on the IC to convince a proposer to add the vote. If there is evidence you would not like added to the ballot, let us know.
  2. A principal(plug compatible for now…we hope to add all wallets soon. Don’t use an NNS principal or you won’t be abel to vote.)
  3. A pithy message that you would like to be shown on the public DAO web page.

You can see the current list at https://pnbcw-3qaaa-aaaag-qbpqq-cai.raw.ic0.app/.

A csv version is available at https://pnbcw-3qaaa-aaaag-qbpqq-cai.raw.ic0.app/list.

You can access the list programmatically at pnbcw-3qaaa-aaaag-qbpqq-cai with the following interface:

service : {
  getList: () -> (vec record {
                        record {
                      }) query;
  onList: (principal) -> (opt int) query;